Giveaway: Macrorit Partition Extender Pro v1.0.0 for Free

Macrorit Partition Extender Pro provides the latest technology to effectively manage your hard drive and storage partitions.

It features a powerful data protection technology to effectively and safely manage your hard drive data without any data loss or failure.
It can also expand the boot volume and redistribute free space between partitions if you are running out of hard drive space.

Download: macrorit-extender-pro-1.0.0.March2017.zipmirror
License Key: D840E26C8DCA61FF55CF75C2C178A980BF81B07BE45CE879CC90
Download: macrorit-extender-pro-1.0.0.zipmirror
License Key: 72AB8FB8C087DE7ED44FF24043E759F02E36E742BF71FF40152B ( Activate before August 15, 2016 )


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