Giveaway: iBoysoft Drive Manager v2.6 for Mac FREE

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iBoysoft Drive Manager provides easy-to-use way to manage network drive and external drive, mount/unmount network drive and external drive, eject external drive from the menu bar with a single click.

Download: link
License Key: 7EFD9AD57EFC9A527EFC9ACB480E2472 (1 year license)
License Key: 91C3DC3991C2DCBE91C2DC2763ED60F5 (activate from Aug. 12th to Aug. 13th 2017 – 1 year license)

With iBoysoft Drive Manager, we can mount/unmout all external drives with only one click from the menu bar. It enables us to eject and remount external drives without unplugging cables. It's also a good network drive manager for it can mount the network drives we want to setup once on each network we connect to and record details, and then remount automatically when we want to use them again. It will automatically and safely eject all external drives when the system sleeps and mount all network drives when system wakes from sleep.
OS: macOS 10.12 and Mac OSX 10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7

TECH SUPPORT POLICY: no free tech support
RE-INSTALL POLICY: cannot be registered after promo ends
UPDATE POLICY: Free upgrade within 1 year

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