Giveaway: HARDiNFO Pro for FREE

System Information and Benchmark for Windows.

Giveaway: link
Download: hardinfo8pro_8.0.0.2350.exe

HARDiNFO have one of the most advanced CPU benchmark on the market with real application simulations which includes all kind of application task types ranging from Office/Word/Excel to Photoshop, 3D CAD math calculations and AI Neural Network Simulations.

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3 thoughts on “Giveaway: HARDiNFO Pro for FREE

    • They all originate from one giveaway site or another… This is like a compilation site summarising many different sites.

      • When there is no link to the source, it is copyrights violation and stealing of the info!
        This site wasn’t allowed to copy Giveawayoftheday posts and was asked several times to stop this practice!

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