Giveaway: Fabs AutoBackup v6.4.1 Pro for FREE

Fab's AutoBackup Pro is mostly designed for professionals like computer repair shops and others power users who need to backup data from several users profiles at once or from an unbootable hard drive. It also allows direct disk to disk data transfers. So, you can backup, restore and transfer various files and settings like documents, pictures, videos, e-mails ans so much more at once for every user profile on a bootable or not system drive!

Download: autobackup6pro.zipmirror
Licensed Email :
Order ID: 0000
This license does not give access to any update.

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Coupon Code: P3QKYU

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So,product will work as 6 Pro,just never update,apparently Pre-activated / registered…. ??

How / and or where to register product ???