Giveaway: EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro v9.0 for FREE

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro allows you to easily transfer data (including files, folders, documents, pictures, videos, audios, etc.) and software (including settings, bookmarks, etc. — some software may require re-registering after transfer) from one computer to another. This includes if you are going from an old computer to a new computer or you simply want to transfer your software and data to a different computer; transfers can be done wired or wirelessly (both computers need to be on the same local network/WiFi).


Download: pctrans_trial90.exemirror
License Key: 2VYLX-RUI9P-V5BL1-LJWTT-7ML54
License Key: D7ZPF-WL2X5-KZDVR-5DWIC-KYS2A (Valid before August 1st, 2016)

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