Giveaway: DoYourData MacClean360 v3 for MAC Free

CleanMac360 scans every inch of your Mac, and helps you clean all junk files on your Mac with only 1-click.

Download: MacClean360Trial_V3.dmgmirror
License Key: FC5I8-N3MQQ-3RQQE-2BIB4-5AKT4

Buy MacClean360 – Lifetime Upgrades with 50% discount

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One thought on “Giveaway: DoYourData MacClean360 v3 for MAC Free

  1. I have technical issues with the graphical user interface
    otherwise it works with one click
    caution though, if you do that one click you may risk losing software licensing registrations or software preferences (this only happens when developers conceal registration entries not in the proper locations…)

    after I had a deep dive in the expanded settings I noticed I could close down the App without the one click because everything in there I still needed it in place. So there was nothing the program could help me with at this time but maybe later (I doubt it though)

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