Giveaway: Batch Photo Watermarker v3.5.1 for Free

Batch Photo Watermarker lets you protect your ownership rights by watermarking your images. With Batch Photo Watermarker, you can add text, logos, dates, and graphic watermarks to all of your images – protecting your rights while promoting your website or business at the same time!

You can even be as creative with your watermarks as you are in your own original imagery! Create semitransparent elements, shadows, and other effects to create as subtle or overt watermark effect as you wish. And if you happen upon a particular watermark that you really like, you can use Batch Photo Watermarker to save it as a template for future use!

Easily add watermarks to your images
Protect your ownership rights in your work
Promote your business wherever your images are displayed
Add text, logos, Graphics, and dates to your images
Play around with shadows, semitransparent elements, and more

Download: batch-photo-watermarker-May2015.exemirror
License Key:

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