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Automatic Data BackUp Manager v1.0.8 is a windows application software to auto backup files and folders on scheduled date / time. Automatic Data BackUp Manager allows users to schedule multiple data backup tasks at the same date/time using repetition mode hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or on specific date-time data backup.

Automatic BackUp Manager v1.0.8 software allows user to schedule files and folders backup to external hard-drive, USB-drive or any other storage device even in network. Automatic Folder BackUp Manager v1.0.8 supports multi threading technique and whole data backup process run in back ground so that it does not affact the other process on your computer.

Automatic Data Backup Manager is a very good software to backup your valuable data on the scheduled date/time. It remeber even if you forget to backup your data (files / folders) in just schedule a data backup task. It is a very much valuable software to whom where frequently data backup required. Automatic Data Backup Manager scheduler can be set that it start-on when you start your computer.

Download: ABM-license-activator.exe

To get your license key, download the license key generator from the link given to you above and run it; you will be asked to enter your email address and then given your license key. Once you have your key, download Automatic Backup Manager from the download link above and install it. After installation, run it and register it with your license key. You may need to install or run all files as admin if you are on Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8.

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