Giveaway: AbylonSoft KeySafe v15.60.1 for Free

Can you keep all passwords and access data in your mind? The abylon KEYSAFE is a simply password manager to manage all your secret data.

You need only one password or alternatively an USB Stick, CD, chip card or certificate as “keys”. The stored data can simply pull with the mouse into the appropriate fields of the Browsers or dialogue (Drag&Drop).

Download: abylonsoft-keysafe15601.exemirror
Registry key: 00EN-99138873-B4D436312C-T15V1

Time limited deal/s
Buy abylon ENTERPRISE (include abylon KEYSAFE) with 50% discount
Buy abylon KEYSAFE 3 licenses – No registration limit and Commercial use allowed with 70% discount
Buy abylon KEYSAFE – No registration limit and Commercial use allowed with 50% discount

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