Giveaway: Sticky Password 1 Year License for Win and Mac FREE

The secure password manager and form filler. Stop forgetting passwords, and login automatically.

Giveaway: linklink
Download: StickyPassword_rev1597_computer1179.dmgStickyPassword_rev8012127_computer1179.exemirror

Download: StickyPassword_rev1597_wonderfox1184.dmgStickyPassword_rev8012127_wonderfox1184.exemirror
License Key: DA00PR-A54ED5-99A55A (Valid before November 5th, 2017)
License Key: DA00PR-E54ED3-F9BB36
Giveaway: linklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklink
License Key: DA00PR-C54EDE-ADDF75
License Key: DA00PR-F54E98-929CA6 (Valid before July 24th, 2017)
License Key: DA00PR-C54E94-82B35C
Buy Lifetime License for 1 User with 90% discount
License Key: DA00PR-854E96-3B7E2E

Giveaway: Mac-link
Download: StickyPassword_rev984_giveawayclub1117.dmgmirror

Visit the above giveaway link
Click the “Скачайте БЕСПЛАТНО” or “Download now for FREE”. Optionally you can use the below link from “Downloads”.
During installation, login/create an account.
Just install the software to activate a yearly subscription. Activation will occur automatically.
You will then be able to install the application on the mobile device, using the created account.

Download Center: link

Download for Android: link

Download for iPhone or iPad: link

Go to giveaway link
2. Enter your email address and click “Get my License”.
3. Copy the license key (License Key). It will also be sent in the message to the specified e-mail address.
4. Download the Sticky Password 8 for Windows. You can also install the application for the Mac, and Android mobile devices and / or iOS.
5. Set Sticky Password, using registered in this action e-mail (StickyID) to create a Sticky Password Account during installation.
For programs already installed, you can activate the full version license key in “Menu> Settings> My StickyAccount”.
Note: You need to install either Win / Mac giveaway installer and then use the apps to activate on other devices.

Time limited deal/s
Buy Sticky Password Lifetime License with 70% discount
Buy Sticky Password with 90% discount

Buy Sticky Password Premium Lifetime license with 33% discount
Buy Sticky Password Lifetime License with 70% discount


2 thoughts on “Giveaway: Sticky Password 1 Year License for Win and Mac FREE

  1. Could not download, because there is no giveaway link to download, all the links asking to buy and particulars of the credit card.
    However, I had marked in the wish list to download later next time.

    • hello, link should be working now, anyway i do not think the installer is binded to the giveaway link, just download they program and use the serial key in red

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