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imDesktop is a Windows application for setting videos, audios, static images and musics as your wallpaper.

Download: imDesktop_install.exe
License Key: iNmVDQeqsVk2t1oXp4Nzme80-ledhIJIOG6tw1=r4S-3zlezB4S00365S3XiMMjPmumH8mBj5wIGgeJYgROpTQWt5UNFd3RqJvQf*I&owQxBxhcOh-l8w6yIl6PmL8gbQs0WAEZJmzZcPuFWP=ne1WsPzhHf5rPGK=WGktn1lEUKg56oz6JLUcm7=tws0TQ8VsEPJ=Lw

imDesktop will immensely boost the entertainment level of your desktop by allowing you to play videos, audios and animated gifs as your wallpaper in the background. When your computer is inactive it doubles as a video screensaver too, so you can watch your favorite videos.

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