Giveaway: WebSite X5 Home 11 for Free

WebSite X5 Home is an all-in-one solution software to create and publish professional, eye-catching and complete Websites, online shops and blogs. Ideal for people with little experience of computers, no HTML knowledge and a tight budget.

WebSite X5 Home gives you over 250 professional-quality templates to choose from, and you can create a website with up to 25 pages. The simple Drag&Drop technique makes it unbelievably easy to add content to your pages: you can add text, images, videos/audios, social network, and Flash animations. The easy-to-follow user interface and numerous previews that are available will help you make short work of developing your website.

Giveaway: link (Page in German, use Google Translate if needed)
Download: wsx5_home_chip2hm11.exe (There is a built-in registration and unlock process in the installer)

Alternate Giveaway:

1. If you already installed the program, uninstall and restart your computer.

2. Register at

3. Download wsx5_home_chiphm11cz.exe and install the program.

4. When you first start, enter your e-mail chosen during registration. Continue to click “Next”. You will be prompted to enter your password and then it will activate the full version of the program.

5. Your registration key can also be found in your account . On the right side »Already registered?« Enter the e-mail and password used to register and continue clicking on »Login«. Your license key can be found in item »My Licenses”.

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