Giveaway: WAproduction Melodic Dragon for FREE

Giveaway: link
Code: WAVSTBuzz

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It worked for me. You need to add it as a discount code and not a coupon code. I think that’s why it isn’t working for some.

remove other free product from cart first and then it will work

Already tried and still same error i.e.“You need to enter a valid coupon code.”. Please assist. Thanks.

Hello, i tested it right now and its working, try different browser

Not sure what are the problemns because still getting same errors after cleaned cache/cookies, using 3 different browsers 🙁

I already done this process exactly the same like yours shown in this picture. After that, after enter the code “WAVSTBuzz”, it given me that error “You need to enter a valid coupon code.”. Is the code valid?

Never mind, maybe is the issue from the system. Still got more golden nuggets from your site. Thanks Sigma, ffdf and Aas.

Error after enter the Code: “You need to enter a valid coupon code.”