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Either free or premium subscribers can enjoy Spotify music offline on any device.

Download: TuneKeepSpotifyMusicConverter-2.8.0.exemirror
Download: TuneKeepSpotifyMusicConverter-2.8.0.mac.dmgmirror
License Key for Windows: c640fb7179b17e70ff1745b3ae0b0e5934b8811d
License Key for MacOS: ff42c6d8e2d9cb917cb4090b73e9343b8a786257

License Key for Windows: 66d048ff5dcf1dcb940df097b32ccd08d0345147
License Key for MacOS: d222edbb55fda60e9f5dd4ac333bcd4dd2c7ced7

Losslessly download Spotify songs, albums & playlists offline as MP3, M4A, WAV or FLAC
Reserve all ID3 tags like song title, artist, album, track number, genre, artwork, etc.
Get high-quality offline music & sort them into folders easily by artist, album, etc.
straightforward interface, 5X faster downloading speed & flexible settings
※ Spotify Music Converter is a home edition for personal use only.

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For MAC its version 2.5.6 😉

Deceptive advertising. YMMV. Spotify only supplies songs in lossy format (I believe this to be a format called ogg or ogg vorbis). What is a “lossy format”? Spotify takes the original CD quality file and strips out less audible content to make the file smaller. It leaves “artefacts” in the audio file. It’s a bit like a “tape copy” of a song when audio cassettes were popular. If you re-encode a lossy file multiple times, it will deteriorate in sound quality, just like a tape (although few people re-encode audio files). If lossy quality doesn’t bother you, there is no… Read more »

how much do you want for free?