Giveaway: Sticky Password 1 Year License for Win and Mac FREE

The secure password manager and form filler. Stop forgetting passwords, and login automatically.

License Key: DA00PR-354D5A-C9780F

Download: StickyPassword_rev82343.exeStickyPassword_rev2770.dmg
Download: StickyPassword-8.2.2.b2517.dmgStickyPassword-8.2.2-14.exe
Download: StickyPassword_rev82211_bs1508.exeStickyPassword_rev2284_bs1508.dmg

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My advice will depend on your needs. I don’t recommend this product and I have not used it. There are two main reasons. Firstly, once you’re onboard, you need to keep paying. If you like the product, that’s fine. Secondly, there is a free product that I tend to trust which is free. It’s called Master Password. Master Password will NOT upload your passwords onto the Internet and it uses some hard-core encryption. It’s available on Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android. Q: How do you copy your master password files between systems? A: You can copy and paste the file… Read more »

Again and again , always working for me 🙂
Premium until 10/02/20 🙂 🙂

Once again , the top 1st serial (DA00PR-F54D72-5B021D) worked for me 🙂
Premium again until 10/10/2020 🙂

i have already sticky password premium, but it will expire soon, so I try all of this keys and none of them is working for me.. where is the problem??

Once again , it work 🙂
Since my last reply , 6 weeks ago , I put one licence provided again and I got Premium
unitl 13/09/2019 🙂


Thanks , I insert the 1st serial on the top of the page after install and it work 🙂
1 year Premium for free 🙂 🙂

Could not download, because there is no giveaway link to download, all the links asking to buy and particulars of the credit card.
However, I had marked in the wish list to download later next time.