Giveaway: Soft Organizer 4.13 For Free

Soft Organizer, formerly Full Uninstall, is a professional uninstaller and update finder. The main function of Soft Organizer is the complete removing of programs from your computer, including files of the application, all records it wrote to the registry, files it created on the disk, libraries it put into system folders, and so on. Whenever you need to remove an application, Soft Organizer searches for any traces the application might have left in the system and suggests removing them.

In addition, Soft Organizer offers the powerful capability to install any application using so-called tracing. If an application is installed this way, Soft Organizer tracks all changes made to the system during the install. Monitoring includes information about what registry keys were modified, what files on disks were created, changed or deleted, what DLLs were installed by the program and other factors. Using these data, the application can be uninstalled from the system completely, if needed. You can also use this tool to find what changes were made to the system after certain actions, for instance, after you run a certain application.

Version: 4.13
Download: soft-organizer-setup-comss.exemirror
License: Pre-Registered

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