Giveaway: Silver Key Standard Edition v5.0.2 for Free

Silver Key encrypts user data and creates an encrypted parcel, which can safely be sent over the Internet. The parcel may contain a file, a group of files and folders, or just a confidential message.

Customer ID: 2718-72415-7393
Download: SilverKey-Std-5.0.2.exeSilverKey-Std-5.0.2.portable.zipmirror

Silver Key will produce an encrypted file, which you can upload to a Web storage, send over your local network, or just attach to an email. Or select ‘Create Parcel and Upload’ and your encrypted file will be uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Onebox.
Silver Key provides support for several popular Web-based drives – Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. Using WebSilver component, you can exchange sensitive files with simple drag-and-drop – Silver Key will transparently encrypt and upload your data. Double-click the encrypted parcel and Silver Key will download and decrypt it back.

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