Giveaway: SecureAPlus Premium for FREE

SecureAPlus is the antivirus software that uses 12 Antiviruses at a time to automatically scan your computer for the best malware and virus protection. It has higher detection rates without slowing your computer down with regular online scans by using cloud antivirus engines to provide the most accurate diagnosis when a threat is detected.

Promo Code: FA1D-B834-3706-BE8E

Download: – mirror

Download: SecureAPlusSetup_v4.6.0.exe

How to Redeem SecureAPlus License with Activation Code
1. Install the software.

2. Open SecureAPlus and click on Info & Licenses.

3. Login or create a SecureAPlus Account, this can be done from within the SecureAplus interface.

Users who create a new account will need to verify their account creation by checking their email and clicking on the verification link.
Note that some users may need to check their bulk/spam inbox.

4. After successfully logging in from the SecureAPlus client, enter the Promo Code above in the field provided and click Redeem.

5. A confirmation message will appear and you can also check the license by clicking on License to show their new expiry date and the indication that the license is “Premium”.

After installed, you will need to retrieve your unique SecureAPlus Device ID. You can get the ID by right-clicking the SecureAPlus icon in your system tray and clicking on “About” or go to the main program window -> “About” -> “General Information”.

Once you have your SecureAPlus Device ID, click here to go to the registration page, enter the “Promo Code”.
Next, input your SecureAPlus Device ID in the “Device ID” box, and click “Submit”. Now You will be given your SecureAPlus Premium license key on-screen. Copy that key, open SecureAPlus, go to “About” -> “License” and register with your license key.

Purchase SecureAPlus Premium with 5% discount


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  3. I tried several times for the last four days days but unfortunately was not able to download. As no alternative link was available to download.

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