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proDAD VitaScene V2 LE is a software package that contains different transition effects and filters suited for films, documentaries, commercials, event videos, and similar projects. Amazing movie effects, fascinating rays of light, glamorous light bulb dimming, magical glitter, and much more may be used as transition effects, or mood filters in scenes, with text, or even with your own logo!
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proDAD VitaScene V1 Pro – flagship video effects & transitions package for professional video editors. Vitascene includes 500 different effects and filters that can be customized for use, including film look, old film, blur, glow, starburst, and much more. It takes full advantage of graphics card GPU for up to 50X faster rendering. Vitascene has plug-ins for use with Adobe Premier/Pro/Elements, AVID Liquid, Canopus Edius/Edius NEO, COREL Videostudio, Magix Video Deluxe /Video Pro X, Sony Vegas/Vegas Pro
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Mercalli Easy, based on the award-winning Mercalli V2 technology from proDAD, is the ridiculously easy way to stabilize shaky videos shot on mobile phones (iOS, Android).
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ProDRENALIN™ from proDAD is a revolutionary enhancement utility that can improve just about every aspect of video shot on a GoPro or any other action camera. It removes fisheye and perspective distortion, stabilizes the video, corrects rolling-shutter distortion, rotates the video, reduces noise and much more.
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1, Visit the promo page and register an account with required info. Existing users just need to login their account.

2, An email with a validation link will be sent to your email. You must click on that link to complete your registration.

3, Then login with your account, and press the “Seriennummer und Upgradelink generieren!”( or Downloadlink generieren/ Produkt-Key generieren) button.

4. And you will then get your free serial number

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