Giveaway: Mailbird Pro 1year License Free

The best email client for Windows. Connect all your favorite email, calendar, task and messaging apps into one.

With Mailbird and, you can now link up your tasks directly.

Simply drag your emails into your daily task list, and get to inbox zero in no time, while you organize your tasks easily and conveniently.

Want to quickly see the emails from your task list again? Simply click the email task, and Mailbird opens it for you.

Access the many powerful apps that helps you stay more productive, and integrate your daily communcation with your
favorite apps.

Try the Google or Sunrise calendar apps to easily schedule your meetings and combine multiple calendars.

The WhatsApp instant messaging app, allows you to stay connected with your business partners, friends and family easily via Mailbird.

Veeting Rooms app is for business meetings, when you want Swiss hosted secure and encrypted peer-to-peer connection. Includes secure p2p video, chat, whiteboard, and document sharing.

Required: Microsoft .NET framework 4.5.1+

Giveaway: link
Download: MailbirdOfflineInstaller.exe

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