Giveaway: K-ML Easily Manage Online Marketing Newsletters for Free

K-ML lets you manage large lists of contacts easily, empowering you to send customized messages that suit each client perfectly. With K-ML, online marketing becomes a breeze, creating greater goodwill, brand awareness, and revenue growth than you can imagine. With support for HTML-formatted messages, images, sounds, attachments, international characters, and priority flags, there’s nothing you can’t do with K-ML!

There are no limits when you use K-ML to manage your online marketing efforts. You can, for example create an unlimited number of mailing lists, each with an unlimited number of subscribers. Best of all, in conjunction with PHP, you can embed K-ML into your website to allow visitors an easy way to subscribe (and unsubscribe) from your newsletters!

Download: K-ML-4.11.442.exe
Registration Name: SharewareOnSale
Serial Number:60098084130091074102066100074087093095130085074052046049049

Version: 4.9.436
Download: kml-October2015.exe
Registration Name: BitsDuJour
Serial Number: 70081085081092073100075097090090052046057

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