Giveaway: IObit Malware Fighter Pro 7 for FREE

All-Around PC Protection with Powerful Anti-Malware & Privacy Locking.

Download: IObit-Malware-Fighter-Setup-
Download: IObit-Malware-Fighter-Setup-
License Key: here

Powerful malware fighter protects you against any PC threats like virus, ransomware, spyware, Trojans, adware and worms etc. Even the newest malware will be kept away from you. Also, the brand-new anti-malware engine helps you to get a fast and comprehensive scan of your computer system. And the Bitdefender engine with a more than 200 million anti-malware database supports blocking any threats.

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12 thoughts on “Giveaway: IObit Malware Fighter Pro 7 for FREE

  1. staff does not check links posted by users in the comment section, so take care and double check everything.
  2. i like how the download link sends you to a site called and the page has other stuff on it, instead of just having it download the file automatically…like you cant put the actual author site link to the file or something??? cause the file is taking WAY longer to download than it should take…

    1. you can download the installer directly from the iobit official site, in this case the key should not be binded to a particular setup file

  3. FA285-20562-183C8-5A24M
    License code: 06D5D-E17A5-40955-0DA54
    BFE4E-679AB-3BA05-8B154 (6m license)
    License Key: 12686-D598F-71CA7-32B54 (6m license)
    License Key: B8945-FC0D8-96979-3CF54 (1 year license)
    License Key: 510D8-9754D-BEC57-61E54
    License Key: 6FEEB-827C8-0B88A-49754
    License Key: BF230-DC5A9-C0943-84A54
    License Key: 53BFC-D1489-44463-22854
    License Key: 8E348-C6D51-1F6A3-93654


      1. (BFE4E-679AB-3BA05-8B154) working until 15/07/2020
      2. (12686-D598F-71CA7-32B54) NOT working
      3. (B8945-FC0D8-96979-3CF54) NOT working
      4. (510D8-9754D-BEC57-61E54) working until 22/05/2020
      5. (6FEEB-827C8-0B88A-49754) NOT working
      6. (BF230-DC5A9-C0943-84A54) NOT working
      7. (53BFC-D1489-44463-22854) NOT working
      8. (8E348-C6D51-1F6A3-93654) NOT working

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