Giveaway: iMyfone Space Saver 2.0 for iOS Free

iMyfone Space Saver for iOS is a perfect tool to reclaim massive storage space for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch by cleaning junk files and compressing photos. It is fully compatible with iOS 9, iTunes 12.1, iPhone 6/ 6 Plus. It is an easy, fast and reliable iOS space saver to free up space and boost up your iOS devices to run just like new.

Junk Files Clean-up to Free Up iPhone Space

If your iPhone has only 16GB or even 8GB of storage, any extra space could be a crying need for you. iMyfone Space Saver for iOS is powerful to clean up your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch system by removing any kinds of junk files. Whenever your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is out of space, you can use this program to wipe off junks and speed up your iDevice.

Key Features:

Release a ton of space for iPhone/iPad/ iPod Touch;
Integrate 25+ analyzing technologies and remove 30+ junk types;
Lossless compression can free up about 75% of your photo’s space;
Automatically backup all original photos for you before compression;
More iOS space for more apps, music, photos and more fun!

Download: iMyfone-space-saver-for-ios_setup_v2.0.0.exeiMyPhone.reg


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