Giveaway: HitFilm 3 Express + Star Wars Effects for Win and Mac Free

With powerful
video editing and mind blowing special visual effects,
HitFilm 3 Express is a top-of-the-line product for creating and editing your own movies and videos. Get it now!

HitFilm Express is the best way to discover the excitement of making your own movies. With power editing and amazing special effects, no other video product offers such a massive range of features and free training at this kind of price.

Giveaway: link
Download MAC: HitFilm3Express_3.1.0132.pkg
Download WIN: HitFilm3Express_x64_3.1.4724.15452.msi

At the giveaway page, you will see four buttons to share the offer on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Reddit. If you use any of those websites, then share the offer. If you do not use any of those websites, then click the Twitter button and simply close the window that pops up – you don't actually need a Twitter account to get this giveaway.
Next, fill out the form on the page to create a free HitFilm account or log into your existing account – click the blue “SEND ME THE DOWNLOAD” button when ready. Be sure to remember the email and password you enter here, because you will need it again.
If you created a new account, you will need to check the email address you registered and click the “DOWNLOAD HITFILM 3 EXPRESS” button in the email — this email verifies your account. If you did not create a new account, you won't get this email and you can skip this step.
Now download and install HitFilm 3 Express from the links given above.
After install, run HitFilm 3 Express and click the “ACTIVATE & UNLOCK” button.
Finally, login with your HitFilm 3 Express account (the one you just created or logged into) and HitFilm 3 Express will be registered — you will need to restart the program for registration to be applied.

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