Giveaway: G Data Internet Security 2020 90 Days for FREE

A reliable security solution for your Windows PC with antivirus, firewall and anti-exploit protection.

Download: ESN_R_TRL_AutoTrial_2014_IS_8235_353.exe (mirror) – GDATA_INTERNETSECURITY_FUL_WEU_25.5.3.4.exe (mirror)

1. Install antivirus software using the ESN_R_TRL_AutoTrial_2014_IS_8235_353.exe distribution kit (in Spanish) with a trial period of 90 days:

2. During the installation, activate the trial version.

3. After installing and restarting the computer, verify product activation.

4. Install the GDATA_INTERNETSECURITY_FUL_WEU_25.5.3.4.exe on top of G Data InternetSecurity 2014 by selecting Easy updates.

5. After installing and rebooting the system, verify product activation and update the anti-virus databases.

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