Giveaway: Franzis CutOut Pro 3.0 for Free

CutOut allows you to remove any unwanted details or objects from your photos and create impressive montages. Anything from people to objects to scenery can be quickly and easily detached from any other object in the background and placed elsewhere.

CutOut also allows you to seamlessly remove distracting objects from your photos for good.
‘Cutting out’ images manually can be tricky and take hours of concentration. CutOut helps to reduce a lot of that and gives you professional looking results more quickly!
With CutOut simply select the required part of the photo you wish to isolate and with a click of your mouse CutOut will do the rest!
CutOut allows you to easily remove any unwanted objects from your photos.
Use CutOut to position your main object against a new background – creating a completely new photo!

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