Giveaway: Franzis COLOR Projects 5 (Win/Mac) for FREE

COLOR projects 5 elements offers you the unique new opportunity to transform digital color photos into grand master pieces.

Giveaway: winmac
Giveaway: winmac

Optimise your photos with the integrated editing tools, create an impressive documentation of your holiday or create your own master pieces that you can enjoy with friends, family and your community!

High end image quality: This complete set of color-correcting filters, retouch and creative effects help you to give your photo a unique and personal look
Easy usage: Image editing was never as easy as now. Over a 100 image suggestion will be presented to you within seconds. You won´t need to use any regulators or functions, that no one understands
Universal application: COLOR projects 5 elements works as a standalone version on both Windows and MAC and is not bound to any host application. All popular types of camera image files can be processed — including RAW

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