Giveaway: EZTalks Premium 10 1year Subscription for Free

EZTalks is a new video conferencing software which gives users the greatest flexibility to communicate with people in different places, reduce cost and increase productivity.

With it, you can host online meeting and video conferencing either on your desktop or laptop computer with Internet connection and chat with people with glorious 720P/1080P HD video. All you need to do and share is right here in EZTalks, including the ability to share screen (desktop, application, area) or share files in a large variety such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Image, Text etc. Beyond just screen and file sharing, EZTalks also includes a powerful whiteboard feature that lets you add annotations to the screen and highlight specific content, boosting the ability to collaborate with others, explain ideas, and come up with innovative solutions.

Giveaway: link
Promo Code: EZTalks-MW-100 – EZTalks-TR-100
Download: link

Click the “Security checkout” link, and follow the steps to get your free 1 year subscription — No payment info required.

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