Giveaway: ePix Calendar Publisher Premium for Free

ePix Calendar Publisher Premium is a unique program that allows you to create and publish your own photo calendar pack — no coding required! Simply select 12 of your favorite images, enter your name, calendar title, and other optional settings like copyright information and your website or company logo. A few clicks later you’ll have a custom installer with all the images and a program packed together with a ready-made calendar ready for distribution! You can then distribute this to friends, family, coworkers, etc. Some people will like your photos, some will like ePix Calendar Publisher functionality.

As an added bonus, today you also get Aquarium at Oceanographic Museum of Monaco ePix Calendar. Aquarium at Oceanographic Museum of Monaco ePix Calendar is a bonus calendar pack created by ePix Calendar Publisher Premium, which you can download and use to get an idea of what ePix Calendar Publisher Premium can do.

Download: iepixpub.exeaquarium1.exe
License key: EPXPM-10205-48650-25693-06014

Buy ePix Calendar Publisher Premium with free updates (90% discount)

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