Giveaway: E-goi Multichannel Marketing Automation E-mails to up to 10000 Contacts for Free

Email, SMS, social media, voice calls, fax and RSS, all in a single online software!

Giveaway: link

Step 1: Fill in the Form at giveaway link , Confirm your Email and login to your
account (no credit card needed);
Step 2: Click BUY at the Top Bar and then click EMAIL PLANS. Select the Free Plan (Paid With Love)
Step 3: Sign Up for the Plan and Give E-goi a LIKE on Facebook (That’s all it takes).

License Policy:
★ License duration: lifetime
★ Program version: online service
★ Free support: no dedicated tech support provided. Please use the free video training here:
★ Free upgrades: not provided
★ Regular price: $38
What is the catch? The free plan adds E-goi advertising to your sends, forms and other public things (it's paid with E-goi love, right? ;).

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