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Print Maestro is an advanced Print Directory tool that allows you to print your folders with or without their content, file lists, and file attributes.

Download: PrintMaestro.exe

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With Print Maestro you can navigate through the directory structure of your the hard disk and print or export the list of files to various formats. Everything is done quickly and easily by means of an intuitive graphic interface devised in the ‘view and click' style. Using Print Maestro you can easily print:

a simple file list;
the folder (directory) tree with file size information;
the folder (directory) list;
the folder tree with the file list;
a detailed list with file info (full path, name, date, size, type, etc.);
list of emails (with fields like Sender, Recipient, Date, Subject, etc.) ;
list of videos (with fields like Size, Duration, Width, Height, Codec, Aspect Ratio);
list of photos (with fields like Create date, Orientation, Exposure time, Width, Height and Thumbnail);
list of songs (you can use Artist, Title, Album, Comment, Tags, BitRate, Sample Rate, Channels, Duration tags);
file version info report (Company Name, Version Info, Copyright, Product version);
your own report with any EXIF fields.

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