Giveaway: CloudBuckit 2 years Subscription For Free

CloudBuckit is a user-friendly, secure, and private desktop program to manage and transfer files among all your online cloud storage accounts as well as WebDav and FTP servers. CloudBuckit works with all the popular cloud services — including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Amazon, SugarSync, Copy, Mega, and more — and allows you to manage them all from one simple interface.

Features of CloudBuckit include backup / migrate / sync data; Windows Explorer-like view; double pane view; using a cloud storage account as a regular folder in Windows; searching for a file across all your accounts; sharing files via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.; and keeping a list of favorite files from across all your accounts.

Giveaway: link
Fill out the form, and hit “Continue”
At the next page, fill out the form and hit “Continue”; be sure to remember the username and password you enter because you will need it to log into CloudBuckit
Finally, hit “Purchase” at the last page
Download: CloudBuckit-Setup.exe

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