Giveaway: ChemTable Soft Organizer v7.52 for FREE

Soft Organizer is an application designed to help you uninstall programs from your computer, as well as monitor the changes made to the system while installing new utilities.

Download: – mirror
Download: soft-organizer-setup-7.52.exemirror
License Key: A5687K-RGCS4F-7UZ845-GPT5GV-PJ57XP-NCPDL2

The simple, convenient, and non-overloaded interface doesn’t distract a user from the installing and/or uninstalling process. The Soft Organizer utility looks like a simple list of installed programs, where a user merely needs to select a program and click “Uninstall”. At the same time, the tool features the entire range of capabilities that even programs with much more complex interfaces have. (Most of those programs look like a space shuttle cockpit with many gauges, meters, and obscure instruments.)

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how long is license for.. lifetime ?..

how long is license for.. lifetime?..

is lifetime while you do not update the program