Giveaway: Avast Mobile Security Premium 1 year Free

Full-featured antivirus and anti-theft app that not only helps protect your Android devices (smartphones & tablets) against harmful viruses, malware, spyware & app vulnerabilities in real-time, but also assists in recovering a lost or stolen mobile device and also allows backup of your phone data. With the Avast Free Mobile Security app you’ll receive effective, easy-to-use virus and malware protection, as well as real-time app scanner, privacy Report & Apps Manager, SMS and Call Filter, Web Shield, Network Meter, phone locator, and local device wipe to help shield you from threats to your privacy and online identity. But if you are looking for additional privacy controls and backup&recovery capability, you will need to upgrade to the Premium version.

Giveaway: link

Page is in French, use Google translate if needed) to participate in the giveaway. If everything goes fine, you will receive an email with the download link and your free license key for Avast Mobile Security Premium at the end of this offer (by May 18, 2015).

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