Giveaway: Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro for Free

Disk Defrag Pro Auslogics – the professional version of the popular defragmenter Auslogics, which provides even greater speed of the hard drive with new functions and algorithms.

Download: disk-defrag-pro-setup-giveaway-4.9.1.exemirror
License Key: Y29AH-J6VT7-EQW82-9RS8L-T32JC
License Key: Y2CHC-72LY7-399NV-9DL93-3F3JA

The program offers a choice of 4 algorithm optimization of storage space. To speed up access to frequently used files, it is recommended “to optimize the access time.” To speed up the system boot and application is the “optimization based Prefetch». If you only need to reduce the fragmentation of files in the future, choose the feature “optimization of the time change.” And finally, the “optimization of drive zones” allows you to manually specify the files or file types to be placed in the area of ​​fast disk.

Key features:

Defragmenting locked system files.
4 ways to optimize the placement of files.
Special algorithms for SSD drives and VSS mode.
Prevention of file fragmentation.
Monitoring disk performance.
Download: disk-defrag-pro-setup.exemirror
License Key: G2LFU-GSJQ7-79LNF-9C5V9-TT3JE – Y2LCC-7VRG7-59LWZ-9GJUN-F73J2 – Y2UAE-V4547-M92NW-9P24W-UX3AR – G2LPV-36D57-F9VNZ-9FZ79-FY3ST

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