Giveaway: Ant Download Manager v1.17.x for FREE

Ant Download Manager is a fast downloader of any Internet files with the advanced function of downloading audio and video content.

License: Pre Registered

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It is a very high quality and fast software. I recommend it to those who have not used it before. Definitely try.

Can’t istall it because the times is ended……..

The Ant Download Manager zip only contains the app folder, not the installer.
After unzipping it, when I first ran it, it caused a “blue screen of death” on my win10 desktop PC.
After, it restarted, the USB WiFi adapter did not work until I reinstalled its driver.
The ADM 17.1.1 Pro app I got from thesoftwareshop worked normally, and had the proper installer.

Ant Download Manager 1.14.3 PRO This is an old version
(AntDM.1.14.3 2019-08-22)

The recent version is the
Ant Download Manager 1.17.1and Ant Download Manager 1.17.2 (Beta)
February 3, 2020