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The software abylon CRYPT in the BOX is easy to use and encrypted automatically your important files.

Download: cryptbox2020_bdj-
Registration Name: ONLY-FOR-PRIVATE-USE-BDJ20
Registration Key: 00EN-9EEABBFA-05A9752293-U19V7

The software abylon CRYPT in the BOX is an easy to use safe for your files. The software offers two ways to encrypt data. The easiest way is to simply copy files into the specified CRYPT directory. The software recognizes this and encrypts the file automatically and without any further action. In addition, the software offers a program window in which the encrypted files are displayed. To open it, the corresponding password must be entered once or the hardware key must be inserted. The encrypted data can then be accessed without further input. The processing of the files and all usual file operations are possible here. By Drag&Drop or a selection dialog files can be added and encrypted. The encrypted files are opened with the usual program and changes are automatically applied. The file-based structure allows simultaneous access for several authorized users, e.g. via the network.

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