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Increase security and convenience with a Windows logon hardware key.

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Download: Abylonsoft_LOGON-19.10.3.exemirror
Registry key: 00EN-CC37287A-C79FC68C4F-U19V7

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If you want to protect your computer in an effective way against unauthorized access, then the software abylon LOGON is a comfortable solution. Therefore as hardware key a chip card, a USB storage medium or a CD/DVD is learned with the Windows login data. In the future this key is sufficient for the registration at the computer. As additional protection the Windows registration can be protected optionally with an individual password or be changed automatically once daily the Windows password. To log off or spear the computer only the removal of the hardware key is necessary. Thus the computer is protected without large expenditure against curious looks and secret data theft. In addition, a random password can be activated. To improve security, the software abylon LOGON optionally changes the Windows login data once a day with random data and guarantees the use of long and highly complex passwords.


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