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Blocks permanently nerving applications and services

After logon under Windows, the computer starts many applications (APPs) automatically. The most time these processes for the user are not visible. A lot of APPs monitoring the computer, checking for updates or running periodic tasks. Any launched application requires a portion of the processing power, memory and slows down the computer. The software abylon APP-BLOCKER shows all applications clearly in a treeview, like the entries in the startup menu and registry, as well running services and processes. One click is enough to disable or remove the APP permanently.


Permanent removal of startup entries in the Start menu
Permanent removal of Run, RunOnce, RunOnceEx entries in the Registry
Permanent suppression of programs (Task list)
Permanent stop or removal of services
Support of '32' and '64bit'
Support ‘Logged in' and ‘All users'
Shortcuts will be displayed to executable EXE file
For each displayed app an offline and online help is available.

Product Page: link
Download: appblocker2014bdj-May2015.exe
Name or CD-Key: ONLY-PRIVATE-USE-BDJ2015-3
Registry key: 00EN-7A465086-0011193980-Q12V1

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