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Have trouble managing your finances? Tired of regular and boring bookkeeping? If so, try 5 Icons Income! It uses a 5-icon viewpoint to visualize your income and display your daily income in a novel, intuitive, and vivid view with the goal of helping you better focus on — and thus manage — your income.




Uses the Original 5-icon Viewpoint to Visualize Your Incomes
Are you tired of the traditional boring and dizzying digital bookkeeping?
If so, please try 5 Icons Income!
It uses the original 5-icon viewpoint to show your incomes and visualize them,
displays your daily income in a novel, intuitive and vivid view,
so you can see them at a glance and play with them repeatedly.
In order to let you to like observing and focusing on your incomes, according to
“the Law of Attraction”, this can promote you to get more incomes in a certain extent.

Product Page: link
Download: 5-icons-income.zipmirror

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