MacOSX Giveaway: DoYourData AppUninser v4.0 for FREE

DoYourData AppUninser is a very powerful yet easy-to-use Mac uninstaller. It can completely uninstall Mac application and remove associated files, clean up all leftover. DoYourData AppUninser also can remove unnecessary multi languages of applications on your Mac to reclaim much free disk space.

Download: DoYourDataAppUninserTrial_4.0.zipmirror
License Key: RG545-MJXTN-X97LC-XFQ6U-9CYVJ




*Completely Uninstall Mac Applications*

Installing a Mac application is very easy. But completely removing the installed application is complicated. DoYourData AppUninser is designed for completely uninstalling Mac applications, widgets, plug-ins. It will remove all parts of the selected application, clean up all junk files and traces that produced by the application.

– Support to uninstall applications that you download from Mac App Store or from other websites.

– Completely uninstall the application and remove associated files including junk files that produced by the application, registry files, traces, etc.

– Even can completely uninstall the virus infected, crashed, stubborn application on your Mac.

– Support to uninstall applications in batches.

*Easily Remove Unused Multi Languages*

Many applications are developed with multi languages. The multi languages files take up a great deal of disk space, but some of them are useless. DoYourData AppUninser can help you easily remove the unnecessary languages of the applications.

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