Giveaway: Zoom Player MAX v13.5 for FREE

Zoom Player MAX is a feature-filled media player for Windows that allows you to play pretty much all video and audio files, plus supports DVD and Blu-ray playback. It even works with touch Windows tablets. Try it now and enjoy a magnificent media playback experience!

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Download: zp1350max_giveaway.exemirror
Download: zp1350max_giveaway.exemirror
Download: Zoom_Player_MAX_13.5.exemirror
License: Pre Registered

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One thought on “Giveaway: Zoom Player MAX v13.5 for FREE

  1. Thx, working..

    But don´t update to v10.7 or it is reverted back to the free version with nagscreens.

    From the view of the security aspect not a good choice to use older versions of mediaplayers. It might be the backdoor to your system.

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