Giveaway: Zoho Vault – Password Manager for FREE

Say goodbye to storing your important passwords on spreadsheets or post-it notes. With Zoho Vault, you stay organized while your passwords remain secure. Store all your passwords online and organize them for easy access and management. Passwords are encrypted with the strongest encryption standard (AES-256).



Update Jun 2017
Giveaway: link
Promo Code: ZV-SHW-2017

Update Apr 2017
Giveaway: link
Promo Code: ZV-VFC-2017 (Valid before April 18th)

Update Mar 2017
Giveaway: link
Promo Code: ZV-GAD-2017
Terms and Conditions

This is a 5-user multi-device 1-year license, for commercial or noncommercial use;
You get free upgrades.
You get free tech support.
You must activate your account before this giveaway has ended.
Not for existing users of Zoho Vault.
May not be resold.

Update Feb 2017
Giveaway: link
Promo Code: ZV-BD-2017

Update Jan 2017
Giveaway: link
Promo Code: ZV-GAC-2017

02 Nov 2016:

Giveaway: link
Promo Code: ZV-SHW-2016

30 Jun 2016:
GIVEAWAY of the Day Promo Code: ZV-GAD-2015

Important Instructions:

Please follow the below instructions to successfully get the $420 worth license.

Step-1: Sign up for a Zoho Vault account here (

Step-2: During the signup process, you will be asked “Does your organization have an account with Zoho Vault already?”

Select “No. My organization is new to Vault.”

Step-3: In the next page, fill in the Organization Name field. You can give any name here. This need not be your organization name.

Step-4: In the next page, you will be at your Zoho Vault account. You will note it says “You are now using the 15 day free trial of Zoho Vault.” To activate the full license of Zoho Vault, please browse to this page and fill in the requested information including the promotion code (ZV-GAC-2016).

Step-5: Once you submit this online form (, your account will be activated within four days; While you wait, you can continue to use Zoho Vault with full functionality. Until the license is activated, the note will say you “You are using 15 day trial version.” The message will automatically go away when the license is activated.

Zoho Vault is both for individuals and organizations.

Promo Code: ZV-GAC-2016

NOTE: this is an online service so no installer is needed.

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