Giveaway: XenArmor PDF Password Protector Pro 2020 for FREE

Password protect your PDF file to prevent it from copying, editing, printing etc

Giveaway: link

Software Price: $19.95 (Free for your users)

Promotion Period: 15 Days (max till 5th Oct)

License Type: License Key per User (1 Year License)

Detailed Description:

XenArmor PDF Password Protector Pro is the enterprise software to instantly password protect your PDF file to prevent others from opening, copying, editing, printing etc.

Here are the main benefits,
* Instantly Protect PDF file with Password
* Protect with both open and permission password
* Prevent others from copy, modify, print etc
* Password Protect single PDF file
* Password Protect upto 5 PDF files in a folder at a time
* Encrypt PDF using RC4, AES algorithm
* Supports all version of PDF files (v1.0 to v2.0)
* Right click on PDF file and quickly protect with password
* No need to upload files to online website
* Your files will be safe & private (all operations done locally)
* Supports All Windows PCs (XP to Windows 10)

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