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PDF Compressor V3 is a quick and reliable application with rather powerful compression features.

Simple and easy-to-use to compress and reduce the size of your PDF files, regardless of any previous experience. PDF Compressor has efficient algorithm to adjust the quality and DPI level of the images within PDF files. It also enables users to delete all annotations, attachments, images, and bookmarks within the PDF files.




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Download: PDF-Compressor-V3-
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Registration Code: b28d666c-eec1-4911-b18d-274a8f969f92

Download: PDF_Compressor_3.1.1.exemirror
Tutorial: link

Simple and intuitive graphic interface.
Compress multiple PDF documents at one time.
Multiple compression rate you can choose according to your demands.
High quality compression process without images loss.
Delete all images.
Delete all annotations.
Delete all attachments.
Delete all bookmarks.
No damage to the original PDF documents.
No third-party software needed or installed.

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