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Retouch Your Photo with Magic Tools to Make It Shine.

Download MAC: WidsMob_Retoucher_Mac_2.4_1240.zipmirror
Download WIN: WidsMob_Retoucher_Win_2.5.8.zipmirror

WidsMob Retoucher “De-Noise” function can help you remove noise occurred by high ISO, low light, fast shutter speed, etc. by using custom information from each image. It can easily recover image detail hidden in noise and handle cases like shadow tone, debanding, restoration or color casts. With it, you can take you photo without fearing noise.
Legendary Analog Films Give Your Digital Photo Emotion
WidsMob Retoucher applies to your digital images the saturation, the contrast, and the grain of the most legendary grain of analog films to give your photo unique feel. With various color rendition and film grain, you can mix up splendid photo.

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