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The Archivist will allow you to add movie covers and music album art to your media files, either manually or automatically. One click allows you to choose from hundreds of movie / music covers or drag and drop your own. The application can dynamically identify your music for quick tagging as well as give you movie trailers and movie reviews. Bulk tagging allows you to place one cover over several files at once. Perfect for season episodes.

You can convert to and from virtually almost any video or audio file easily. The converter also helps you identify your music by using fingerprint technology. Your video files can be converted to another format as is, or the output can be a different ratio, smaller size, started and stopped at different time stamps, rotated, etc… once converted, you can send these files to be covered.

Searching and playing your files is easy once you let the application index your movies and music. Filters allow you to call up your media (ex. genre, rating) instantly and either play them, send them to be covered and/or converted or read its movie review.

The Archivist is a neat, intuitive and sophisticated solution for the discrete and disciplined movie and music lover.

Download: setup_archivist.exe
License Key: a4e26e90-4080-4fc4-a950-b0faa44d6b14

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