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USB Lock allows you to password protect and secure USB drives, External drives, Memory cards, SD cards and all other types of external storage devices. It use the most advanced techniques of data leak prevention to safeguard your data, ensuring maximum security with minimal effort.



Download: usb-lock-enu_1.2.exemirror
License Key: FC09C842B7AE4E86EAB0896877231CFF
Download and install usb-lock-enu_1.2.exe. USB Lock will ask you to install it on your desired portable drive (USB or flash drive). Once confirmed, you'll see USB Lock's main interface. From there, click “Register” and use above license key.

Terms and Conditions
This is a multi-device lifetime license, for noncommercial use
No free updates, if you update you will lose license
No free tech support
You cannot install / reinstall / register later, such as if you get a new computer. Once installed on a USB drive, you can use it forever as long as you don't uninstall or update the program
May not be resold

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