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Confidential can scrape your drives and tag files that contain sensitive information: your team can visually spot them while browsing folders or find them and group them browsing tags.

Download: Tabbles_Confidential-1.4.6.exe
Note: 1 year license
license key #1:
license key #2:
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Automatically tag files using on smart rules, based on extendable regular expressions.
Tag files with one click: tag files via the Explorer Context menu.
Your whole team will see what files are confidential (or not) in Windows Explorer at a glance.
Tag any type of file or document, email or bookmark.

Tag files on local drives, shared folders and in the Cloud
Supports synchronization services like Dropbox, OneDrive,, Amazon Cloud Drive etc.
Works with removable disks, encrypted disks, on any files system (NTFS, FAT32, EXT4 etc.)

Create and manage user groups, for different departments or team
Centralized user and license management, import users from ActiveDirectory
Easily manage what you’re sharing and with whom

Data-mining: auto-tag files based on their content, name and location – get all your sensitive documents on a whole drive automatically tagged within minutes!
Create auto-tagging rules for folders: Confidential will “listen” and tag each new file you put there
Explorer integration: Confidential “listens” when you move files between folders: the tagging is preserved

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