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SysResources Manager monitors the current state of system resources, such as CPU, RAM, Virtual RAM availability, Computer Performance and Hard Disk Health. The program also checks Active Processes, Internet accessing processes, and Monitoring Bandwidth.

Watch CPU Usage (Support 8 CPU cores), RAM and Virtual Memory Availability(Option to show Free RAM and CPU usage in an icon to System Tray, in graphic and numeric mode), Disk Activity (Read/Write), Netwotk Bandwidth Traffic.



Key Features:

Usage graphs of important System resources;
Network Bandwidth Traffic;
Easy Disks and Drives monitoring;
Task Manager;
Internet accessing processes;
Monitoring and managing Task Manager;
StartUp Manager;
Program Launcher;
Windows Info provision;
Installed Screen Savers running, enable/disable Screen Saver;
Screen resolution changing;
Control Panel items access;
PC Lock;
Free-up physical memory;
Easy access from an icon to a System Tray.

Download: SysRM124.exe

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